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             Charmed Herbs in Satin Pouches

           Handmade pillows for love and luck


Charmed Pouches and Salt Pillows | Attract Love | Attract Good fortune | Protection | In loving memory |

Our charmed pouches & pillows contain a mix of specially charged, dried herbs, plants, crystals, with a salt for added protection in all things! 

With 30 original Blessing gift cards, special blessings, love dedications and requests for good luck, money and protection. Select your Blessings and Charmed pouch.

Charmed Satin pouches are available in 7 colors in satin, soft pink, hot pink, white, light blue, navy blue, purple and black. And one Red Faux Velvet pouch.

Herbs & Crystals charmed satin pouches mixed for greater energy and intention  (no Blessing)

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Specially selected herbs and crystals to: to attract good fortune, luck and prosperity | attract love and romance | welcome new born baby  | baby showers | house warming gifts for luck and protection | in remembrance | ​

Blessing gift card themes: 

  • ‘Je Suis Protégé ... I am protected |  ‘À Mon Amour... to my love | 'Sur Demandé ...on request- attract money and good luck
  • ‘Aimé Toujours... loved always |  ‘Pour Toujours...forever |                                         


Hills End Herbs & Cottage Garden Plants wholesale nursery was est in 1990. The wholesale plant nursery has long gone, but the name and fine reputation continues.