Welcome to Next Level Marketing and Promotions Agency Australia

In association with Entertainment Depot.com.au consultants and agency

After all the Melbourne covid lockdowns, we welcome new clients who require assistance with re-launching, re-inventing, re-booting, re-freshing and promoting their business to their target market and loyal customers.   

Our best business practices for over 30 years:

1. Assume nothing

2. Listen - always

3. Build a trusting relationship

4. Never ever lie, not even little white PR lies 

5. Never discuss other clients - it's not your story to tell

We are a boutique agency offering affordable direct marketing since 2006

Based in Fairfield Victoria  

Phone: 041 999 4095 

Email: rene@nextlevelmarketing.com.au 

BTW we are not a call center, are not telemarketers and do not make appointments for your sales team. We simply promote.