Remember...Assume nothing. Listen. Build a trusting relationship. And Go!  

New clients...the short checklist:

Do you know the real financial cost of obtaining one new customer/client?

How you acquired that new customer?

  1. have they phoned in after a referral from an existing satisfied client - you are more than halfway. Good job marketing department. 

  2. accepting your teams phone call, are they ready to listen? 

  3. from an enquiry via your website - thanks to your own SEO efforts - how much are you paying for SEO consultants?

  4. via a successful marketing campaign - a great reach back to you, your ideas worked.

  5. a direct response from a specific, personalised email - another good start, especially if it was a quick response

  6. Face-to-Face meeting at an exhibition, business show or a business function - swapping business cards, yes, it still works.

  7. via a virtual meeting on zoom, a member of the same group or association or invited guest  -  acceptance and trust is already established

Now it's on you and your team:

You must be sincere in your welcome, act quickly, be effective and be real.

The process of welcoming new clients into your business is by addressing their questions and concerns. Ensuring they thoroughly understand all the services available to them - the real rewards.

It's all about them, get to really know that customer, their preferences and exactly what business objectives they want to achieve by engaging with your services and/or using your products.

What they don't want is just as important to know, take it as a heads up for you.

 Remember...Assume nothing. Listen. Build a trusting relationship. And Go!