Motivational Speaker, model and successful powerlifter Ben Knight

Ben Knight is National GPC Powerlifter based in Queensland Australia

Ben started weightlifting at 42, he has a story to tell, is available to model  clothes & promote men's care products. 

Sponsorhips... well, let's talk. 

Please contact Rene.

Phone 041 999 4095 

Below are those important stats:                                                                     

  • National GPC Powerlifter - Coach: Jake Curtis
  • No 1 - U100kg M1 GPC Australian record holder in benchpress and deadlift
  • U100kg M1 U world record holder in deadlift, soon to be the Official World record holder...

December 2021: National Tri Nations Push/Pull Championships

Ben's story so far...                                                                                                  

2017 - December  FIRST - National Tri Nations Push/Pull championships

2018 - March       FIRST - Queensland State Championship Bench press 

2019 - March       FIRST - National Tri Nations Push/Pull championships

2 x Australian Records - 1 x U World record

2020 - December   SECOND QLD's Biggest Deadlift comp

2021 - having a winning year...ask Ben, he is on FB