2020 Mind Safe & Biz Safe - Organisational Sustainability   

Mindsafe is a game changer.

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'The time has come for all businesses & entrepreneurs to be accountable for the full impact of their business as they build their brand and grow their revenue'    - Jane Stewart

Bizsafe have been working in the field of organisational sustainability for almost 20 years.

Over this time they have developed a wide range of edutainment programs and delivered a broad scope of consulting services for businesses (large and small), government departments (federal, state and local) and community groups (environmental) worldwide.

  1. How to thrive as a sustainable organisation
  2. Develop 'Green Teams'
  3. Sustainable Innovation
  4. Sustainablity reporting
  5. Community Partnership Development

Jane Stewart - Manager Bizsafe & Digital Training | Peter Broadbent - Manager Backsafe | phone +61 3 1300 022 257