Brand Product Placement Consultants

Next Level Marketing is a boutique agency offering assistance to sole proprietor's, self employed's and small businesses in Australia, from contacting your database of VIP clients directly by phone to contacting national and overseas businesses and government departments on your behalf. We work to your guidelines and budget. 

Sell your brand directly to your target market

Every product and service requires a unique sell, have your brand instantly recognized by having your:

  • website looking professional with simple and effective content & great functionality for all potential buyers 
  • elevator pitch ready for phone and personal meetings
  • social media sorted, which media is the right platform. Decide who will manage and keep it up to date
  • database constantly growing, keeping it accurate and up to date. Never send unsolicited emails, you must have permission

We can advise and assist where needed, for all the above issues to be in place and operating successfully.

Export your products

Export to the country where you expect the strongest demand for products, we assist with sourcing overseas partners and/or work with you to establish a strong relationship with government departments and relevant others. 

Brand Product Placement in film

Interested in placing your brand in feature films and TV shows? Always a longer than expected process, perfect timing and a good size budget are crucial. We can discuss it's true potential VS your expectations.

When supplying free products for any media set, we charge a set minimum fee for our services.