Charmed Pouches/Gifts with original, unique Blessings and Dedications.

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 Our Charmed Pouches- Gifts contain carefully selected herbs, each herb with special significance & salt for added protection with your blessing, request and love dedications. 

Herbs have been used since ancient times for protection and blessings. Historically hung from ceilings and over doorways, placed in rooms, cots and places where protection from evil, ill-wishes and curses is needed. Each pouch comes with a blessing card, both presented in a white organza drawstring bag. White is the strongest protection color.       

Hills End Gardens herbs for love, romance, attracting good luck, protection and remembrance. Salt has traditionally been used for protection for centuries. Herbs, Salt and a special Blessing, Request or Dedication of love. 

Charmed special gifts for self and your loved ones 

Love & Romance, Congrats, Happy Occasions, Welcome Baby, Housewarming, Remebrance, Goodbyes, Attract Money and Good Luck. 

Blessing card themes: 

  1. ‘Je Suis Protégé ... I am protected
  2. ‘À Mon Amour... to my love
  3. 'Sur Demandé ...on request- atract money and goodluck
  4. ‘Aimé Toujours... loved always
  5.  ‘Pour Toujours...forever

Charmed Crystals and Herbs Charmed Crystals and Herb for protection, love, luck and healing herbs 

Charmed Protection Salt Pillows: salt from the earth to protect you and your loved ones 

Blessing and Dedications Gift Cardspacks of ten of one Blessing or Dedication

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