Hills End Gardens for personal, brands and business promotional products.

Create goodwill, build your relationships and network. 

Hills End Gardens supplying custom designed Seed Sachets and all seeded products.

Unique Satin Sachets of Herbs and Crystals for good luck, in remembrance and all celebrations.

For gifts with a special message and business promotions. 

We consult with you as experienced marketers, for over thirty years and we know our plants. 

Hills End Gardens supplies unique products to promote your brand, services and products. A generous gift to your customers, say thank you, welcome or congratulations with seeds from an iconic source, Mother Nature.  

Seeds for:

  1. beautiful flowering plants, sometimes creating a beautiful memory of loved ones or a special time
  2. delicious home grown vegetables
  3. home grown fresh herbs
  4. ​a bit of magic for children, often seeds are the introduction to the garden, when that life forces starts growing the first time!

1. Seed Sachets customized for personal and/or corporate brands messages, sachets contain specially significant seeds. Minimum order 1000 sachets.  Seed Sachet options: over 1000+ varieties. Select your flowering plants, herbs and veggies. Seeds...for all occasions and celebrations! 

Custom designs for brands and businesses. Corporate, business and government gifts and give-aways. Add your message. Promote your cause, charity or competition. Orders from 1000 to 200,000+ We advise you on the most appropriate seeds available. 

Personalized Seed Sachets for invites, celebrations, thank you, goodbyes  - ALL occasions - ask us about the 'off the shelf' stock designs or design your own with a special message. We advise you on the most appropriate seeds available. 

Ask about our 'off the shelf' designs, just add your message. Or supply us your artwork, brand logo, style sheet.

2. Seed Stix: Plant the seeds sticks attached to the paper. Custom made Seed Sticks packs for all personal and business promotions. A special selection of designs and products to select from, match with your brand as gifts, give-aways, ideal for all business promotions. Custom made designs and colours, with seeds appropriate for your message. 

3. Seeded Embedded Paper - Unique! Top Shelf, A list, special promotions. Seeded paper is known as plantable paper, plant the paper to grow the seeds! Using Australian native seeds for our environment. Also available with a selection of vegetable seeds, herb seeds that are suitable for the 100% eco friendly paper. 

4. Exclusively unique handmade paper, each sheet is individually crafted and made according to an age-old technique. Made in Australia using recycles papers, A truly special product for any promotion, especially for VIP invitations and bookmarks for book launches.

Seed Sachet clients can select the optimum seed/plant from 1000+varieties of flowers, herbs and vegetables. Organic seeds are available. Align your seed to with your message. 

Choose from...

  • Mixed bright coloured flowers. One variety.
  • One colour mixed flower of: all white, all red, all yellow, all pink etc. Tell your story with your brands colour
  • Annual flowers - fast harvesting. One show. Great for cut flowers
  • Perennials - more than one year, recurring, some prolific self seeding e.g.Foxgloves, Californian poppies, etc. 
  • Cottage Garden Plants -  after a winter cut back they should come back every year
  • Specific plant as  'a wonderful memory',  of special significance to the recipient
  • Attract Bees and Butterflies mixes. Bee good and give Mother Nature a helping hand
  • Herbs - a huge selection of seed grown herbs, many varieties, match herb colour with your brand...purple leaf Basil
  • Vegetables - easy to grow, fast to harvest veggies and greens. Coloured tomatoes and carrots...new ranges all the time
  • Natives - bird attracting shrubs and trees. Some are prolific self seeding plants. Mind it doesn't grow so huge that it becomes a landmark for pilots in years to come. 
  • Organic herbs and vegetable seeds are now available 

4. Unique  Charmed Satin Sachets with special (dried) herbs and crystals for good fortune, good luck, remembrance, love and happiness with salt for protection. Minimum order 10. Sealed Sachets are available in 7 colours.  

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Hills End Herbs & Cottage Garden Plants wholesale nursery was est in 1990. The wholesale plant nursery has long gone, but the name and fine reputation continues.