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Paperback release date: 10.1.2019 

All that is me is NOT gone. Love Beyon Death.

By Ruby Adams. Non-Fiction

Ruby’s diary is one woman’s account of her spiritual journey and the endurance of love beyond this mortal coil …

Ruby Adams never thought she was special, seeing and talking with family, friends and strangers, all of whom had passed away. From a young age, Ruby had experienced the supernatural and the paranormal without fear.

This began a lifetime of communicating with ghosts, confused spirits and wandering souls searching for their heaven or afterlife. Acting as a medium for the living and dead, Ruby listens, consoles and guides the spirits through their loss and heartache.  Ruby is a woman in control, she encounters love in all its glory and creates a beautiful family with her tall blonde blue-eyed husband. Then personal tragedy strikes. In her diary, Ruby recounts confronting the Grim Reaper in her own home, encounters with poltergeists and handles the tears and tantrums of both the living and the dead.

Based on her true experiences, this is Ruby’s diary – a true story of spiritual abilities and the discovery of depths of love that surpass the realm of life and death.

   We currently represent, market and consult for the businesses listed below and others on 'Our Clients' tab

The Hills End Gift Shop...www.saltpillows.com.au    (new Hills End Gifts website coming soon in 2019)

Hills End Gardens charmed gifts and blessings  

Charmed Herb Pouches with original Blessing gift cards

Charmed pouches contain specially selected herbs for good fortune, love, happiness, remembrance, for all celebrations and events 

  • Salt, Herbs & Crystals Pillows
  • Attract Love. Attract Good fortune. In Loving Memory.
  • Blessing gift cards special blessings, love dedications and request for good luck, money and protection.    

Classic Car Inspections Damien Kemp: please contact us for all publicity, media and promotional enquiriies. Damien Kemp is available as a speaker, VIP guest at your event, function and car show.

 www.classiccarinspections.com.au  Over 20 years experience in classic car inspections.

Nostalgia drag racer Damien Kemp. 1964 Fairlane Gasser Funderbolt  speaker, professional racing driver and national and international celebrity.



Lady Luck Lampshades   

Handmade designs includes retro, rockabilly, birds, contemporary & children's. Classic Victorian Silks 







Branded products for corporate promotions. Representing beautiful, customized 'seeded' products for corporate branding. Add specially selected seeds to promote your brand with eco-friedly sustainable seeded products and cards. Say thank you, welcome, congratulations, include in your promotional gift bag at events and functions.