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SITREP TRAINING – personal safety 24/7

                                              BE SAFE. BE AWARE. BE TRAINED. 

Individual and/or groups coaching, business consulting & staff safety workshops.

Personal Coaching: what do you say to an aggressive person?

Receive personal coaching on what to say and what not to say. Actions: know how to position your body, what to grab etc.  

Not only in the workplace but 24/7.

To and from work, at home, road rage, public places & family violence situations.

Consultations: Naomi Oakley (see bio below) will review your businesses internal staff safety policies. Are you Work Safe compliant? Can you avoid litigation?

Onsite workshops: approx.  2-hour safety awareness workshops for emergency and threatening situations. Including coaching on the exact words and phrases to use to manage argumentative, aggressive, and violent people.

And what NOT to say. How to use existing furniture and instruments to protect yourself.  

Training staff to manage work related violence & aggression, to eliminate and/or reduce the risks to staff.

Providing information, coaching and instruction, F2F training to protect employees against work related physical, psychological, and psychosocial issues that may arise. 

Under the model WHS laws, persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) must manage the health and safety risks of workplace violence and aggression between workers and from other people at the workplace, like customers and clients. 

  1. SITREP one-hour presentation/speaking engagement to HR, senior management, instore managers, employers, health, and government 
  2. SITREP consulting: interview, review, and provide a detailed report on the protection essentials for your group, business or organisation.
  3. SITREP onsite safety assessment: assessment only, or in preparation for staff workshop on the same day
  4. SITREP TRAINING (customised) workshops for managers, all staff and contractors

SITREP TRAINING workshops include:

Identify. Read the room. Know the words and phrases to say, and what not to say, understand body language. Effective Decision Making. Prevent. De-escalate. Manage the situation. Exit Strategy. Escape. Provide a Situation Report to management and police.

Onsite workshops: duration 2.5 hours | Max: 15 in each class | Available nationwide | 

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Presentation | Consultation | Onsite assessment | 2-hour workshop | Other security services

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phone:  041 999 4095 | Mon-Friday 9am to 5pm |


Naomi Oakley Bio

Managing Director U-NOME Security & SITREP Training & consulting services

Under grad police studies | Under grad family violence (male perpetrators) | Dip Security Risk Management | Dip. Training & Assessment.

With 34 Years in the safety and security business…

My aim is to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to proactively manage risks, mitigate harmful behaviours and prioritize the safety of everyone involved. 

Over the past 34 years, my journey in risk management and asset protection has been shaped by a foundation in law enforcement, security risk management, personal safety leadership and staff training.

As a first responder I have witnessed the volatile nature of various situations. My extensive experience has provided me with unique insights as to how one must have the ability to keep safe in any environment 24/7.

I am the director of U-NOME Security and the architect of SITREP TRAINING workshops. I provide personal safety services to enable staff and managers to have as many protection skills as possible. It does not involve physical self-defense training; we leave that to others.

SITREP TRAINING (customized) workshops focus on assisting communities and businesses with safety solutions to navigate the challenges of risk, maintaining, and protecting their assets which includes the most important investment: their staff.

With my years of frontline experience, protecting thousands of clients with her personal safety strategies and assault prevention policies.


Naomi has thirty plus years' experience in security, safety, and protection (in all facets of life). Including 13 years on the frontline as a female police officer in the Victorian police force managing: aggravated burglaries, fights, brawls, domestic violence, and dangerous car pursuits etc. Naomi understands language and body communication and best practice police tactics, she now shares her years of experience in keeping others safe.